Here at Suspicious Lines, our main goal is to have a memory of a lifetime. We offer full skin mounts for your catch! This is a classic look at a great price! We only offer this service for our clients. As a result, we can return your fish in less time and for a competitive price. Some taxidermists can take years to return your memory. We will have it done in a few months. We offer both skin mounts and fiberglass mounts. 

This is a taxidermist dream to mount a state record. This is held by Eric Scordo, a 35+ pound channel catfish. He is an amazing catfisherman. NNY catfish Hunters is his charter. Give him a call! 


The base pricing includes the wall mounting materials. We can use driftwood collected from Sodus Point as a backing included in the price. 

Skin Mounts - deposit in (*)

Perch and Panfish: $125(*50)

Largemouth Bass: $200(*50)

Smallmouth Bass: $200(*50)

Steelhead/Rainbow: $300(*100)

Brown Trout: $300(*100)

King Salmon: $350(*100)

** Display Mounts and Fiberglass Mounts call for pricing.  


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