Bad Weather
Bad Fishing
Bad Timing

Lake Ontario can get messy very quickly when it comes to weather. As your captain it is my final decision on canceling trips due to weather. With that in mind, I will have a conversation at the dock about your comfort level. I would rather cancel or move a trip than have you get seasick or scare your kids. If we need to cancel for weather, you will be refunded. 

Anyone who goes fishing knows that some days are great, and others are not. It is my job to get you to land a fish. If we have  a trip and no fish are caught, you only pay the deposit, and i will not charge the remainder of the fee.

If you cannot make the trip for any reason you can cancel up to 4 weeks before the trip and I will refund your deposit and you are not responsible for the remainder of the payment. If you cancel closer than 4 weeks from the trip, you will lose your deposit but will not be responsible for the trip payment.