King Salmon - The Prize fish of Lake Ontario. The king salmon varies from 5 to 40 pounds. They are caught anywhere from 50 feet of water to 700 feet of water. While you can catch them year round, the best time to catch them is Late Summer into the fall.

Brown Trout - They are usually targeted in the spring through early summer. They range from 2 - 20 pounds. Early in the spring you catch them inside 10 feet of water, as the water warms they move to deeper water. They are a great fighting fish that never give up

Steelhead Trout - Usually around the same size of brown trout, they are caught throughout the year. They are a beautiful fish that can often be caught on the top of the water column over very deep water. Just be careful reeling them in! They love to jump!

Lake Trout - Mud Chickens is the nickname because they love to lay in the mud on really deep water. Often they are caught throughout the summer on the bottom anywhere from 120 feet to 190 feet of water. You may also run into a few on a spring trip!